Our Commitment to Safety

Massman Construction Co. is fully committed to providing a safe work place for all of our employees. Caring for people is a core value of Massman and assuring no one is injured is woven into every operation we undertake. The framework for our safety effort is known as the Massman Incident & Injury Free Program, the foundation of this program is caring for all of our people. Each and every day, Massman demonstrates our commitment to a safe work experience by dedicating considerable resources to train and educate our employees to observe and eliminate areas of exposure to injury to themselves or fellow project stakeholders.

Leadership at All Levels

Our executive leadership team leads by example and we are proud of the high level of engagement by all of our employees.  Management ensures that all employees and subcontractors uphold Massman’s commitment to safety.

The Safety Plan

The Massman Safety and Health Plan is a living document that is frequently updated based upon specific project requirements for safety, security and environmental stewardship. The Plan lays out the written program which assists our project teams in preventing incidents and injuries.