Maintaining or enhancing the viability of a bridge, lock or dam requires innovation, finesse and engineering expertise. After all, your structure already exists, and our challenge is to determine how to work around, under and through it.

Rehabilitation is normally called for as a structure ages, whereas retrofit work may be needed to address seismic issues or to allow for expansion. Whichever the case, our innovative solutions to
your unique problems will save you money.


Lock 25 Rehabilitation — Winfield, Missouri
This challenging project involved installing a permanent dewatering system in a lock chamber on the Mississippi River, then using the system to dewater the lock and complete a series of repairs within the dewatered lock.  Lock 25 is one of the busiest locks on the inland waterways so this work had to be performed during a short 77 day closure period during the winter months in order to minimize impact on Mississippi River barge commerce.

Memphis I-40 Seismic Retrofit — Memphis, Tennessee
The Memphis I-40 Mississippi River Bridge is located adjacent to one of the most active seismic zones in the country.  Massman was the successful bidder on three separate contracts totaling over $80 million to improve the bridge’s resistance to earthquake damage by reinforcing the footings and columns; replacing existing bridge bearings with much larger bearings; and, reinforcing certain elements of the superstructure.

Huey P. Long Bridge Widening, Main Span Superstructure — New Orleans, LA
This $452 million project for the LA Department of Transportation and Development widened the superstructure of this major Mississippi River crossing in New Orleans. It consisted of strengthening certain critical members of the existing steel truss and adding an additional truss on each side to support the widened bridge deck. The project included the removal of over 60,000 rivets, erection of over 17,000 tons of structural steel and installation of over 360,000 high strength structural bolts.

Huey P. Long Bridge Widening, Main Bridge Substructure — New Orleans, LA
This $104 million project for the LA Department of Transportation and Development strengthened and widened the substructure of the main river piers for this vital Mississippi River crossing in metro New Orleans. It consisted of encasing and circumferentially post-tensioning the piers along with adding concrete pedestals on each end of the piers which then support the base plates for the new steel W-frames required for the bearings of the new truss that would be added on each side of the existing bridge.