Locks and dams are vital to our nation. By controlling water levels, they promote commerce and protect the
environment. Through the years we have participated in the construction of dozens of locks and dams on our
nation’s waterways.

We bring the following key components to every lock and/or dam project:

• Organized, Professional Management
• Cooperative Culture
• Proven Safety and Quality-control Programs
• Environmental and Public Relations Sensitivity
• Mass Concrete and Structures Expertise
• Financial Strength

We have been selected for many projects because, when all things are considered, we represented the “best value” for the owner’s investment. Decision makers understand and appreciate that we not only have the specific experience required, but we also have the overall breadth of knowledge that comes from a century in the business.

Wilbur Mills Dam Stilling Basin Extension Dumas, Arkansas
Filling barges with very large riprap stone and then sinking the barges side by side downstream of an existing dam is a unique way of extending the stilling basin of a dam.  That is exactly what the Corps of Engineers contracted with Massman to do at the Wilbur Mills Dam on the Arkansas River.  Once the 1,600 ton barges were placed on the river bottom, they were filled with tremie concrete to secure them in place.  The Corps gave Massman an Outstanding Performance Evaluation for its fine work on this challenging project.

McAlpine Lock Replacement Louisville, Kentucky
This joint venture project involves replacement of existing 300 ft. and 600 ft. locks with a new 1,200 ft. lock on the Ohio River as well as replacement of existing swing and bascule bridges with a high clearance fixed span highway bridge.  With over 450,000 CY of concrete and 12 million tons of reinforcing steel, the new McAlpine Lock will help relieve a major bottleneck on the Ohio River.

Approach Walls — Olmsted, Illinois
This unique project featured construction of four floating approach walls for the new Olmsted Dam on the Ohio River.  The walls are actually concrete “pontoons” up to 350 ft. long which were built in a dry graving yard 50 miles upstream from the project then towed to the job.  At the jobsite the walls are anchored in place with a guide system that is founded on 10’ diameter drilled shafts.

Operating and Maintenance Bulkheads – On a separate contract at the same jobsite, Massman installed guides and erected twin 335 ton bulkheads, under very tight tolerances for the new locks.  This work required a sophisticated erection plan to “thread-the-needle” with the large gates.

Clarence Cannon Dam Mark Twain Lake, Missouri
This dam, constructed across the Salt River, near Hannibal, Missouri forms the 55,000 acre Mark Twain Lake.  To facilitate construction of the dam, Massman constructed a batch plant on site which was capable of cooling concrete to 50° F.  This massive structure, built for the Corps of Engineers, provides power generation, recreation and flood control.